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Clip on Reading LED Book Light

Clip-on LED spotlight that works well with reading, working on projects, map reading in the car, or clipped Package includes 1 led light The size measurements are handmade, so there may be 0.1-0.5 inch error

Car Non-Slip Silicone Sticky Gel Pad – Black

$15.00 $3.00
The pad is made of non-toxic silicone, and uses a spider sticky technology to cling to almost any surface without glue or adhesive. HOW TO USE:
  • It can stick anywhere. Simply place the pad on any surface to use, and pull off to remove.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 15g
  • Size: 14cm x 8 cm
The pad can also hold other objects like your GPS, garage door openers, coins, sunglasses and so on. Going hands-free has never been this easy!

The Ove Glove As Seen on TV Hot Surface Handler

$25.00 $5.00
  • Heat protection up to 540F
  • Safeguard your hand from intense heat and flame
  • Made from the tough heat & flame resistant material used by firefighters
  • Five finger flexibility
  • Non-slip silicone grip
  • Heat & flame resistant for superior protection (outer layer)
  • Double knit cotton for comfort (inner layer)

Gigaware 4.3″ GPS Carrying Case

$15.00 $5.00

Product Key Features

  • Material Canvas
  • To Fit Screen Size  4.3"
  • Color  Black
Safety Vest Reflector-kymoro

Safety Vest Orange Reflector Unisex

$12.00 $5.00
Orange Safety Vest Unisex One Size Fits All

Chef Basket As Seen on Tv 12 in 1 Kitchen Tool

As Seen on TV Chef Basket:
  • Use to steam, deep-fry, rinse and strain
  • Amazing Chef Knife mail-in offer
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Solid steel
  • Dishwasher-safe
Pet Five Finger Deshedding gloves

True Touch Pet Five Finger Deshedding gloves ….

$15.00 $5.00
  • Hair Sticks To The Glove Simply Peel Off & Throw Hair Away.
  • Includes: One glove with 5 finger design that easily contours to reach all the hairy places; safe to use around the legs, neck, chest, face, tails, belly, etc

Security Wallet with RFID As Seen on Tv Aluminum Black

$15.00 $6.00
Black Aluminum Security Wallet Size:
11 centimeters (4.33 inches) × 7.5 centimeters (2.1
Leash Hands

Running Dog Leash Hands Free – Black

The Waist Dog Leash is constructed of rugged nylon that stands up to sun, rain & snow like a champ. Great for Walking, Running, Biking and Jogging For folks who just love their dogs, the hands free dog leash is the perfect way to enjoy a hike, jog or walk with your lovable companion.

Riddex Pest Repellent Aid as seen on tv

riddex pest repelling aid is Easy and safe to use Electronic pest repeller is nontoxic No chemicals and no poison Riddex plug-in repelling aid fits into home outlet
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Electronic pest repeller is nontoxic
  • No chemicals and no poison
  • Riddex plug-in repelling aid fits into home outlet

The Armguard Support Sleeve Comfortable Arm Brace-Unisex

Provides support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain. Get energized and revitalized with compression that supports muscles during moderate levels of exertion, giving relief from everyday stiffness and soreness. The thin and comfortable design combined with moisture wicking technology allows you to wear under clothes during the day or even while you sleep.
LED Portable Desk Light

LED Portable Desk Lamp Light USB or Battery

$25.00 $8.00
12 LED Portable Desk Lamp Light
USB or Battery
Adjustable Head
ice scraper glove

Ice Scraper – Ice Scraper Glove

$39.99 $8.00
  • 4-inch ice scraper on opposite end removes ice and frost from car or truck windows
  • Comfortable glove promotes a secure hold,
  • Lightweight and portable; stores conveniently in the back seat or trunk

Wonder Wallet As Seen on Tv RFID Credit Card Wallet-Unisex-Black

$19.99 $10.00
As Seen On Tv credit card Wonder Wallet. This sleek wallet is super slim and stylish, but it can also help prevent you from credit card theft with innovative, modern technology. The unique construction features RFID protection which stops remote scanning cards, adding an extra layer of safety against theft. The black leather wallet is designed to hold up to 24 cards to include credit cards, driver's license, gift cards, business cards and more.

wonder wallet as seen on tv Features:

  • Genuine leather card holder for men and women that holds up to 24 cards RFID blocking wallet stops remote scanning of cards and protects private information
  • hold up to 24 cards
  • See everything at a glance
  • The slim wallet design lays cards out like a photo album
  • The Wonder Wallets soft, supple leather flexes so its comfortable to sit on, even in the car

Pet Deshedding Tool or Pet Grooming Tool for Dog, Cat, Rabbit or Horse

$39.99 $10.00

Pet Deshedding Tool or Pet Grooming tool Features?

  • High-quality stainless steel teeth in rake-like design
  • Ergonomic, easy-grip rubber handle
  • Pet Deshedding Tool button easily removes hair from tool
  • Removing excess hair helps canines stay cooler during the warmer months
  • They keep the house and your clothes hair free
  • A dog shedding brush can eliminate tons of clean up time
  • It keeps pet’s coat looking spiffy
Dog,  Cat, Rabbit, Horse Deshedding Tool or Pet Grooming tool Blue 1-5/8 Edge Small Yellow 2-5/8 Edge - Medium Can help you reduce the amount of loose hair from shedding! That means less time spent cleaning and more time to spend with your pet.

Oscillating Sprinkler by Expert Gardener

$25.00 $10.00

Expert Gardener Oscillating Sprinkler w/18 Brass Nozzles

The quiet operation and gentle, soaking moisture from 18 precision brass nozzles cover a up to 3,400 square feet.  The soft spray provides gentle coverage that is great for a newly seeded bare spot of lawn or a delicate bed of daffodils. Monitor the water flow with a built-in watering gauge to help you use just the right amount so you don’t overwater your plants.  Easily adjust the spray range to water a narrower area when needed.  Built to last, this sprinkler is designed to add life to your lawn and garden for seasons to come.  This item is Brand New in its Original Retail Packaging. Waters up to 3,400 square feet or 3,700 square feet Built-in Rain Gauge helps monitor the amount of water used 18 Precision nozzles ensure even watering