Pet Deshedding Glove – Pet Grooming Tool


  • Hair Sticks To The Glove Simply Peel Off & Throw Hair Away.
  • Includes: One glove with 5 finger design that easily contours to reach all the hairy places; safe to use around the legs, neck, chest, face, tails, belly, etc
  • Pet Deshedding Glove – Pet Grooming Tool
  • True Touch Pet Five Finger Deshedding gloves
  • Quickly, gently & effectively brush hair from your shedding pet:  Your pet will enjoy a relaxing massage while the over 180 soft silicone grooming tips reach deep down to loosen and lift away hair,Pet Five Finger Deshedding gloves dirt and debris from under and off their coat like a magnet. Plus, the flexible grooming tips massage and stimulate the skin for a shiny, healthy top coat.
  • Great for all pets: Use on cats and dogs of all sizes with any hair type!
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